You can start using Bootstrap 4 in your trang web by including it from CDN(Content Delivery Network) or downloading from

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Using CDN

The Bootstrap 4 can be used in the trang web by including it from Content Delivery Network.

Use the below compiled Bootstrap"s CDN of CSS and JS in your project.

Include the CDoanh Nghiệp versions of jQuery & Popper.js (Bootstrap 4 uses jQuery và Popper.js lớn make use of JavaScript components such as modals, tooltips, popovers etc) before the minified Bootstrap JavaScript, if you are using the compiled version of JavaScript.

Following are some components, which require jQuery −

Used for closable alerts

Toggle the states by using buttons và checkboxes/radio buttons và collapse for toggling content

Carousel for slides, controls, và indicators

Dropdowns (uses the Popper.js for perfect positioning)

mở cửa & cthua trận the Modals

For collapsing the Navbar

Tooltips and popovers (uses the Popper.js for perfect positioning)

Downloading Bootstrap 4

You can download the Bootstrap 4 from When you cliông chồng on this links, you will get to see a screen as shown below −


Here you can see two buttons −

Download − Clicking this, you can tải về the precompiled và minified versions of Bootstrap"s CSS and JavaScript. No documentation or original source code files are included.

Download Source − Clicking this, you can get the lachạy thử Bootstrap SCSS, JavaScript source code and documentation files.

For better understanding và ease of use, we shall use precompiled version of Bootstrap throughout the tutorial. As the files are complied & minified, you don"t have to bother every time including separate files for individual functionality.

File Structure

Precompiled Bootstrap 4

Once the compiled version Bootstrap 4 is downloaded, extract the ZIP file, and you will see the following file/directory structure −


As you can see, there are compiled CSS & JS (bootstrap.*), as well as compiled và minified CSS và JS (bootstrap.min.*).

Bootstrap 4 Source Code

If you have downloaded the Bootstrap 4 source code, then the file structure would be as follows −


The files under js/ and scss/ are the source code for Bootstrap CSS and JavaScript.

The dist/ thư mục include everything listed in the precompiled download section above sầu.

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The docs/examples/, includes source code for Bootstrap documentation and examples of Bootstrap usage.

Creating First Web Page with Bootstrap 4

The below example specifies simple website page of Bootstrap 4 −