Getting error we couldn’t create a new partition or locate an existing one see the thiết đặt log files while installing Windows 10, 8.1 or 7 from a bootable DVD or USB drive? Here every possible solution to lớn fix windows 10 installation error we couldn’t create a new partition error 0x80042468, 0x8004240f, 0x8007045d etc.

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Installing Windows 10 on a PC or Laptop is very easy và simple. All you have to vị is download Windows 10 ISOcreate a bootable USB drive, insert it, and follow the on-screen wizard. While installing, Windows 10 asks you khổng lồ select a partition. Generally, you just select a desired partition or disk from the các mục and Windows will bởi the rest of the job.

But a number of users reported We couldn’t create a new partition error message While Create a new partition during the Windows 10 installation process. And the error prevents them from installing Windows 10.

we couldn"t create a new partition or locate an existing one see the setup log files

Fix we couldn’t create a new partition

This error might happen for any number of reasons, even on perfectly functioning SSDs and HDDs. Here some applicable solutions to lớn fix this couldn’t create a new partition error applicable khổng lồ Windows 10, 8.1 PCs.

Start with basic first disconnect all additional Hard disk/ SSD drives (except the primary hard drive). Again if you are using USB bootable drive sầu for windows installation purpose we recommkết thúc khổng lồ remove any other USB drives and memory cards connected khổng lồ your system. And try to install Windows again, see if you can proceed with the installation.

Note: Bellow solutions completely Delete all Data on your Disk Drive. We recommend backup your important data before applying bellow solutions.

Use Disk Part Utility to Make Partition Active

A number of users report they are able to fix this error we couldn’t create a new partition by active the partition ( where we install windows ) using the Disk part utility.

To make a partition active sầu, you need to have access to the commvà prompt. To vày this start the Windows 10 thiết lập using a bootable USB or DVD. When you get “We couldn’t create a new partition” error message cthảm bại the setup and cliông xã the Repair your computer button.

repair your computer

Next clichồng on Troubleshooting Choose Advanced tools và then select Command Prompt.

Advanced Boot options on windows 10

When the Commvà Prompt opens, type diskpart và hit the enter key. This opens the diskpart utility where you can make the partition active sầu.

Now enter menu disk commvà to see the danh sách of all hard drives connected to lớn your computer.

disk part command

Find the number that represents your hard drive & enter select disk 0 (we used 0 as an example, so be sure to replace 0 with a number that matches your hard drive). then Enter the following lines và press Enter after each line:

To clean the selected disk:

cleanTo make the disk primary, run the command

create partition primaryActivate the partition:

activeAfter activating, type

format fs=ntfs quickto lớn format it in the NTFS tệp tin system.

Now you can assign the disk by executing the command

assignThat’s it, exexinh đẹp the exit comm& twice khổng lồ cthảm bại the diskpart utility and comm& prompt.

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commands to make partition active

After closing the commvà prompt, restart your machine and try to install Windows again.

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That’s all you have successfully solved the “ we couldn’t create a new partition or locate an existing one see the setup log files ” error while installing Windows 10, 8.1 & 7. Still need any help feel không lấy phí to discuss on. comments below. Also, Read Windows 10 Running slow? Here how to lớn make windows 10 run faster